Why do we exist To drive business forward. We Support our customers' business at every stage in the business life cycle. We ensure they can grow and develop, driving their business forward.


  • We operate a fleet of c.100k vehicles
  • We offer a full range of light commercial vehicle models


  • Manufacturers supply a key resource for our business; our close relationships allow us to meet customer demand and drive business forward
  • Employees are at the heart of everything we do and enable us to deliver market leading levels of customer service


We have the leadership to mobilise for success and capitalise on an outstanding market opportunity.


We are investing in our systems and processes to ensure we stay at the forefront of market developments.


We work together with our lenders and investors in order to access funds to grow the business sustainably.

We buy

We negotiate directly with manufacturers and ensure that we have a range of vehicles to suit our customers.

We rent

Vehicle rental is our core business. We seek to maximise value from our vehicles by maintaining high levels of utilisation. We have a diverse product offering to ensure that we can offer a range of commercial fleet solutions.

We sell

At the end of a vehicle's rental life we maximise cash returns by selling vehicles through the optimal disposal channel, we recycle this capital to support our objectives.

Flexible rental

Customers hire vehicles when they need them, for as long as needed:

  • Customers choose vehicles and customisation;
  • Flex vehicle fleet to match business need; and
  • Price inclusive of servicing and maintenance.

Minimum term rental

To support customers who have more certainty over their fleet requirements:

  • Commitment can start at just 12 months;
  • Flexible options within the contracted period; and
  • Price inclusive of servicing and maintenance.

Vehicle sales

  • Retail operations in all three territories;
  • Trusted name with high levels of repeat customers; and
  • Finance and other support packages available.


We aim to help our customers drive their business forward, supporting their fleet needs as their business changes.

Investors and lenders

We provide investors with regular updates enabling them to make informed investment decisions. We encourage two way communication with analysts, shareholders and lenders to ensure that we are allocated capital efficiently at a rate which enables us to provide returns to our shareholders and lenders.


At Northgate we are proud of the development opportunities that we offer our people and we are continually looking to develop our team members as our business grows. We do this through offering our employees opportunity to learn and grow within the business as well as the opportunity to participate in the success of their hard work through our share scheme.

Communities and the environment

We strive to be a good neighbour and give back to the communities in which we operate. Our employees are supported in championing causes close to their hearts and we encourage them to engage with the communities that accommodate us.

We recognise the need for business to respect the environment and build sustainability into our business model.


We aim to be a responsible business partner and maintain close working relationships with our suppliers. This allows us to efficiently execute our strategy while having a positive impact on our suppliers' business.

Competitive Advantage


We operate a fleet of over 100k vehicles across three countries, leveraging our vast offering to ensure we meet customer demands


The Northgate Difference:

  • Option of no capital or contractual commitment
  • Ease of flexing number of vehicles
  • Leading levels of service


From our beginning in 1981 to the current position as the UK and Spain's leading commercial vehicle hire provider, Northgate's history is a testament to our commitment to our clients, customers and shareholders.


Investment in our network and systems enhances the customer experience and ensures we deliver the best experience for our customers and value for our stakeholders.