During the year the Committee approved the appointment of an Interim CFO and commenced a recruitment process for a permanent CFO.

Andrew Page Chairman

Committee focus for FY2018

I am pleased to present the Nomination Committee's report for the year ended 30 April 2018. During the year, the Committee commenced a recruitment process for the appointment of a Chief Finance Officer following Paddy Gallagher's departure from the Board on 26 September 2017. This process was concluded post year end.

Committee membership

The members of the Committee are shown in the table below. Details of their experience and qualifications are shown in the Board of Directors.

No. of meetings3
AJ Allner
K Bradshaw
J Caseberry
C Miles
A Page
B Spencer

Committee purpose

The main purpose of the Committee is to monitor the balance of skills, knowledge, experience and diversity on the Board and the succession plans for the executive Directors.

Board succession planning

During the year the CFO ceased to be a Director and employee of the Company on 26 September 2017. The Committee approved the appointment of David Tilston as an Interim CFO, whist a recruitment process commenced for a permanent CFO. Details of David Tilston's experience can be found in the Board of Directors. The recruitment process for a permanent CFO continued throughout the remainder of the year with assistance from executive search agencies and was concluded post year end with the appointment of Philip Vincent as CFO effective from 16 July 2018.


The Board recognises the benefits of diversity and having a diverse and inclusive executive leadership team, which provides a range of perspectives, insights and the challenge needed to support good decision making. As at the date of this report, 29% of the Board are female. The Board remains committed to ensuring diversity pervades not only the Board, but the entire Group.

FY2019 priorities

In FY2019 the Committee will review succession plans for the Board more generally to ensure that the Board can continue to operate effectively.

Andrew Page


25 June 2018