The Directors present their report and the audited consolidated accounts for the year ended 30 April 2018.


Details on financial performance and dividends can be found in the Strategic Report.

Close company status

So far as the Directors are aware, the close company provisions of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 do not apply to the Company.

Capital structure

Details of the issued share capital, together with details of any movements during the year, are shown in Note 23. The Company has one class of Ordinary share which carries no right to fixed income. Each share carries the right to one vote at general meetings of the Company.

The cumulative Preference shares of 50p each entitle the holder to receive a cumulative preferential dividend at the rate of 5% on the paid up capital and the right to a return of capital at either winding up or a repayment of capital. The cumulative Preference shares do not entitle the holders to any further or other participation in the profits or assets of the Company.

The percentage of the issued nominal value of the Ordinary shares is 99.255% of the total issued nominal value of all share capital.

There are no specific restrictions on the size of a holding nor on the transfer of shares, which are both governed by the general provisions of the Articles of Association (the Articles) and prevailing legislation. The Directors are not aware of any agreements between holders of the Company's shares that may result in restrictions on the transfer of securities or on voting rights.

Details of employee share schemes are set out in the Remuneration Report. Shares held by the YBS Trust are voted on the instructions of the employees on whose behalf they are held. Shares in the Guernsey Trust are voted at the discretion of the Trustees.

No person has any special rights of control over the Company's share capital and all issued shares are fully paid.

With regards to the appointment and replacement of Directors, the Company is governed by the Articles, the UK Corporate Governance Code, the Companies Act and related legislation. The Articles themselves may be amended by special resolution of the shareholders. The powers of Directors are set out in the Articles.

The Directors are not aware of any agreements between the Company and its Directors or employees that provide for compensation for loss of office or employment that occurs because of a change of control.

Interests in shares

The following interests in the issued Ordinary share capital of the Company have been notified to the Company in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 5 of the Disclosure and Transparency Rules:

30 April
HSBC Global Custody Nominee (UK) Ltd6,676,1915.01
Crystal Amber Fund Ltd8,076,6726.06
JO Hambro Capital Management Ltd13,331,54210.01
Norges Bank6,642,1554.99

Since 30 April 2018 no changes in interests have been notified to the Company.


Details of the present Directors are listed on the Board of Directors page.

Resolutions to reappoint each of the Directors in office at the date of this report will be proposed at the AGM.

Termination provisions in respect of executive Directors' contracts can be found in the Remuneration policy.

Directors' indemnities

As permitted by the Company's Articles of Association, qualifying third party indemnities for each Director of the Company were in place throughout their periods of office during the year and, for those currently in office, remained in force as at the date of signing of this report.

The Company's Articles of Association are available on the Company's website:

Employee consultation

Employees are kept informed on matters affecting them as employees and on various issues affecting the performance of the Group through CEO briefing updates, announcements on the Group's intranet, formal and informal meetings at local level and direct written communications. All employees are eligible to participate on an equal basis in the Group's SIP, which has been running successfully since its inception in 2000.

Disabled employees

Applications for employment by disabled persons are given full consideration, taking into account the aptitudes of the applicant concerned. Every effort is made to try to ensure that employees who become disabled whilst already employed are able to continue in employment by making reasonable adjustments in the workplace, arranging appropriate training or providing suitable alternative employment. It is Group policy that the training, career development and promotion of disabled persons should, as far as possible, be the same as that of other employees.

The Group's equal opportunity policy is available on the Company's website:

Political donations

No political donations were made by any Group company in the year.

Greenhouse gas emissions

The disclosures concerning greenhouse gas emissions required by the Large and Medium-sized Companies and Groups (Accounts and Reports) Regulations are included in the CSR section of the Strategic Report.

Remuneration report

The Directors' Remuneration report contains:

  • A statement by Jill Caseberry, Chairman of the Company's Remuneration Committee;
  • The Directors' remuneration policy; and
  • The Annual report on remuneration, which sets out payments made in the financial year ended 30 April 2018.

The statement by the Chairman and Annual report on remuneration will be put to an advisory shareholder vote by ordinary resolution.

The remuneration policy was approved at the AGM in September 2017 and is in place for three financial years.

The Directors' remuneration report can be found here.

Power to allot shares

The present authority of the Directors to allot shares was granted at the AGM held in September 2017 and expires at the forthcoming AGM. A resolution to renew that authority for a period expiring at the conclusion of the AGM to be held in 2019 will be proposed at the AGM. The authority will permit the Directors to allot up to an aggregate nominal amount of £22m of share capital which represents approximately 33% of the present issued Ordinary share capital and is within the limits approved by the Investment Association and the National Association of Pension Funds.

The Directors have no present intention of exercising such authority and no issue of shares which would effectively alter the control of the Company will be made without the prior approval of shareholders in a general meeting.

A special resolution will be proposed to renew the authority of the Directors to allot Ordinary shares for cash other than to existing shareholders on a proportionate basis in accordance with the best practice guidance set out in the Statement of Principles issued by The Pre-Emption Group and which has been endorsed by the Investment Association. This authority will be limited to:

  • Firstly, an aggregate nominal amount of £3,330,000, representing approximately 5% of the current issued Ordinary share capital (Resolution 14b); and
  • Secondly, a further 5% of the Company's share capital, provided that this additional power is only used in connection with acquisitions and specified capital investments which are announced contemporaneously with the issue or which have taken place in the preceding six-month period and are disclosed in the announcement of the issue (Resolution 15).

The 2015 Statement of Principles defines a 'specified capital investment' as "one or more specific capital investment related uses for the proceeds of an issuance of equity securities, in respect of which sufficient information regarding the effect of the transaction on the listed company, the assets the subject of the transaction and (where appropriate) the profits attributable to them is made available to shareholders to enable them to reach an assessment of the potential return". Items that are regarded as operating expenditure rather than capital expenditure will not typically be regarded as falling within the term 'specified capital investment'.

The Directors have no present intention of exercising this authority and confirm their intention to follow the provisions of The Pre-Emption Group's Statement of Principles regarding cumulative use of such authorities within a rolling three year period. The Principles provide that companies should not issue shares for cash representing more than 7.5% of the Company's issued share capital in any rolling three year period, other than to existing shareholders, without prior consultation with shareholders. This limit excludes any Ordinary shares issued pursuant to a general disapplication of pre-emption rights in connection with an acquisition or specified capital investment.

Disclosure of information under Listing Rule 9.8.4

Dividend waiver arrangements are in place for the employee trusts as shown in the Remuneration report.

Length of notice of general meetings

The minimum notice period permitted by the Companies Act 2006 for general meetings of listed companies is 21 days, but the Act provides that companies may reduce this period to 14 days (other than for AGMs) provided that two conditions are met. The first condition is that the Company offers a facility for shareholders to vote by electronic means. This condition is met if the Company offers a facility, accessible to all shareholders, to appoint a proxy by means of a website. Please refer to Note 6 to the Notice of AGM for details of the Company's arrangements for electronic proxy appointment. The second condition is that there is an annual resolution of shareholders approving the reduction of the minimum notice period from 21 days to 14 days.

A resolution to approve 14 days as the minimum period of notice for all general meetings of the Company other than AGMs will be proposed at the AGM. The approval will be effective until the Company's next AGM, when it is intended that the approval be renewed.

It is the Board's intention that this authority would not be used as a matter of routine but only when merited by the circumstances of the meeting and in the best interests of shareholders.

Authority for the Company to purchase its own shares

There is no present intention to buy back any of the Company's own shares and, if granted, the authority would only be exercised if to do so would result in an improvement in earnings per share for remaining shareholders.

The Directors propose to renew the general authority of the Company to make market purchases of its own shares to a total of 13,300,000 Ordinary shares (representing approximately 10% of the issued Ordinary share capital) and within the price constraints set out in the special resolution to be proposed at the AGM.

Financial instruments

Details of the Group's use of financial instruments are given in the Financial review and in Note 29 to the accounts.


In the case of each of the persons who are Directors of the Company at the date when this report was approved:

  • So far as each of the Directors is aware, there is no relevant audit information of which the Company's auditor is unaware; and
  • Each of the Directors has taken all the steps that they ought to have taken as a Director to make himself aware of any relevant audit information (as defined) and to establish that the Company's auditor is aware of that information.

This confirmation is given and should be interpreted in accordance with the provisions of s418 Companies Act 2006.

A resolution for the appointment of PwC as auditor of the Company will be proposed at the forthcoming AGM. This proposal is supported by the Audit and Risk Committee.

The Directors' Report, comprising the Corporate Governance Report and the Reports of the Audit and Remuneration Committees, has been approved by the Board and signed on its behalf.

By order of the Board

Katie Tasker-Wood

Company Secretary
25 June 2018